Unsubmitted:  If your rotation is in unsubmitted status, it means an application has been started but not yet completed nor submitted to the clinical site. Once all requirements for the application are complete, it can be saved and submitted to the clinical site for consideration. 

Pending application verification:  If your rotation is in pending application verification status, it means the application has been submitted (or a rotation has been scheduled) and that one or more step(s) require manual review by a clinical site staff member.  

Pending clinical site: If your rotation is in pending clinical site status, it means any application steps requiring verification have been verified and the rotation is just waiting on final review from the clinical site. 

Waitlisted: If your rotation is in waitlisted status, it means the clinical site has accepted another student for the rotation, but in the event of a cancellation, etc., waitlisted applications may be considered or reopened. 

Onboarding: If your rotation is in onboarding status, it means your rotation has been accepted by the clinical site. In this status, steps required prior to day one of the rotation will need to be completed. Students, faculty members, school coordinators, and clinical site staff may all be responsible for completing certain steps for rotations in this status.
Click here for guidance on how to view and complete onboarding steps. 

Ready: When your rotation is in ready status, it means all parties have completed and verified the required steps in order for you to be ready for your rotation to begin.  

Active: When your rotation is in active status, it means the rotation is currently taking place. 

Paused: When your rotation is in paused status, it means the rotation was onboarding/ready/active, but circumstances resulted in your rotation being put on hold until further notice. The reason for the pause can be referenced in your rotation details window. Clinical sites and schools have the ability to resume, mark complete, or close your paused rotation. 

Offboarding: Once the end date of the rotation is reached, if any offboarding steps apply, your rotation will move into offboarding status for steps to be completed.

Completed: Once the end date of a rotation is reached and no offboarding steps apply or offboarding steps have been completed, your rotation will move into completed status. 

Closed:  If a rotation is in closed status, the reason for closure can be referenced at the top of the rotation details page.  Click here for more information about closed rotations. 


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