Report customization updates   

Reports have moved to your dashboard! You also now have additional ways to customize and save reports. Review the information below to save, customize, and manage your reports:

  • To create a custom report, click on the standard reports dropdown on your dashboard (all the standard reports are still available to run on an ad-hoc basis, but now you can select from a template and customize any report to save for later use on your dashboard):

  • Next select the report template you'd like to use, and rename it 

  • (Optionally add a description and color-code the report icon)

  •  Then apply the filtered criteria you wish to save

  • And click the save icon on the right side of the page

  • Your saved report will then be listed under reports on your dashboard:

  • To reorder you reports, click and hold a list and to drag and drop it in the position you'd like it ordered.

  • To delete a list, click the list you'd like to remove, then the trash icon on the right: 

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