Visualize what capacity has been allocated to show what's been filled, what's open, and what's overfilled from the dashboard. The calendar can be filtered by any standard filter criteria. 

Capacity Calendar Dashboard View

To view the capacity calendar from your dashboard: 

  • Click to your dashboard

  • Next, click the Capacity calendar tab from the sub-menu

  • Then, filter by any criteria you choose by clicking the Add rotation filter button at the top of the page

Here's a sample showing a service area's capacity where the rotation filter is set to Service -> Medicine - Neurology:

  • To view the details, click on a date from the calendar

  • From here, you can and take action on the details:

 1. View the total allotted capacity
 2. View student rotations that are in each status
 3. Take action on the student rotations (ie, add to waitlist/close/accept rotations) 

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