If your institution has enabled hours logging for your rotation, you can now self-report active hours.

To do this:

  • Click on your active rotation and navigate to the drop-down section under Schedule, entitled Hour Logging

  • When opened, the calendar will show dates pertaining to your specific schedule. The hour logging slots will be color coded to reflect the following:

    • Red - 0 hours logged

    • Yellow - hours logged but not verified

    • Green - hours logged and verified

      • Note: If your hours are not required to be verified, all slots will show as green upon entry

  • To log hours, click on a slot (October 12th in the below screenshot) and edit the information in the hour logging window:

You will be able to edit the number of hours, the supervisor needed to verify (if required), the type, and any additional notes. To ensure that your hours are kept, please make sure to click Save.

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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