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Assigning Students to School Staff Members
Assigning Students to School Staff Members

School: Assign Staff to Manage Specific Students/Groups of Students

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If coordinators are only required to manage specific students, account admins can adjust settings in Clinician Nexus to ensure coordinators only see relevant information.

Assign Students to Individual Staff Members

  • Click Settings from the left navigation menu.

  • Click Staff from the submenu.

  • Click on the staff member to whom you would like to assign students.

  • In that staff person's information window, click Students

  • Search and/or select students from the dropdown list who will be assigned to the staff member.

  • After selecting students, click Save

Additional Information:

  • School Admins are able to see all students and activity, even when students have been assigned to specific coordinators.

  • If no students have been assigned to any coordinators, then all coordinators will see all students.

  • If a school coordinator has been assigned to specific students, the coordinator will only be able to view the students assigned to them directly, and any students who have not been assigned to a coordinator.

  • If a student has not been assigned to a specific coordinator, all coordinators will be able to view the student and be notified of their rotation activity.

  • Students can be assigned to multiple coordinators.

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