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Schools: Scheduling Rotations
Schools: Scheduling Rotations

How to Begin Scheduling Students on Rotations

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After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Scheduling Student Rotations

  • Single Student vs. Group Rotations

  • Managing Scheduled Rotations

Before Scheduling Student Rotations

The following steps are required before student rotations can be scheduled by a coordinator:

Scheduling Student Rotations

Click + Schedule students from the left menu.

On the Add rotation page, select:

If you select more than one student, you will have the option to:

  • Select whether or not you want to schedule a group rotation or individual rotations for the selected students

  • Name the group rotation (if selected)

  • Add faculty to the rotation(s)

Single Student vs. Group Rotations

Single Student Rotations

Single student rotations allow one student to be scheduled into a rotation. These rotations display separately in individual rotation cards. School staff, and clinical site staff, view and manage onboarding by clicking into each individual rotation card to view student progress.

Group Rotations

Group rotations allow multiple students to be scheduled into the same rotation. Group rotations are scheduled when multiple students of the same discipline are rotating together in the same facility, service capacity, date range, and/or with the same faculty/preceptor.

When a group rotation is scheduled, all students display in one rotation card. This allows school and clinical site staff to view and manage onboarding for the group in one place.

Managing Scheduled Rotations

After scheduling a rotation, it will automatically display on your Rotations page.

The student(s) and clinical site staff will be notified of the scheduled rotation and will see the rotation on their respective rotation pages.

To view and complete onboarding steps, click on the rotation card.

When all onboarding steps are complete and/or verified, the rotation will automatically transition into Ready status.

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