As a school coordinator, your clinical site partner may offer the option for you to select specific days and shifts for students when scheduling rotations.

Topics Covered:

  • Assign Daily Schedules When Scheduling Students

  • Assign Daily Schedules to Existing Rotations

Assign Daily Schedules When Scheduling Rotations

  • Click + Schedule students from the left menu

  • Complete the rotation information fields

  • Include specific start and end dates

  • If you see a calendar display, click on the appropriate day(s)/shift(s)

Assign Daily Schedules to Existing Rotations

  • Click Dashboard from the left menu

  • Click Rotation list from the submenu

  • Optionally, click +Add filter to find the rotation you are looking for

  • Click on a rotation you intend to select specific dates for

  • Scroll to the Schedule section of the rotation

  • Click the dates on the calendar when the rotation will take place

  • Click Propose changes

  • This will prompt the clinical site to review, accept, or reject the changes you proposed

  • The new dates will go into effect when the clinical site approves the changes

  • All proposed changes can be viewed at the top of the rotation window

  • Click View details to review the proposed changes

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