Report Customization

You now have additional tools to customize and save reports.

To Create a Custom Report:

  • Click the reports dropdown on your dashboard (All standard reports are still available to run on an ad-hoc basis, but now you can select from a template, and customize any report to save for later use on your dashboard):

  • Next, select the report template you'd like to use, and rename it

  • Optionally, add a description and color-code the report icon

  • Then apply the filtered criteria you wish to save

  • Click the yellow save icon on the upper right corner of the page

Final View:

To Reorder/Delete Reports

  • To reorder your dashboard list, click and hold a list title in the submenu. Drag the list and drop it in the preferred order.

  • To delete a list, click the list you'd like to remove, then select the trash icon in the upper right corner of your screen:

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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