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Students: Closed Rotation Guidance
Students: Closed Rotation Guidance

Why Rotations Close and How to Prevent It

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Topics Covered:

  • Why Rotations Close

  • How to Close a Rotation

  • Where to Find Closed Rotations

  • How to Prevent a Rotation from Closing

  • Reopening a Closed Rotation

Why Rotations Close

Rotations can close automatically, or manually.

  • Automatically: A rotation will automatically close if application or onboarding steps are not complete prior to the rotation start date. Rotations also close automatically if a clinical site doesn't accept an application, or verify steps by the start date.

  • Manually: Students, clinical sites, and schools can close a rotation intentionally for a variety of reasons, such as scheduling conflicts, applicant not meeting site requirements, etc.

When a rotation closes, the reason will display below the closed status at the top of the screen when you click into the rotation details window. The closure will be tracked under the Activity section:

How to Close a Rotation Manually

  • Click on a rotation you intend to close from your rotations page.

  • Click Cancel rotation in the top right corner of your screen.

  • A popup window will display and ask you to provide a reason for closing the rotation.

  • Click Close rotation.

Where to Find Closed Rotations

  • Click Rotations from your left menu.

  • At the top of page, click Archived to view all completed and closed rotations.

  • Click All to view active and archived rotations.

How to Prevent Your Rotation from Closing Automatically

  • Complete your onboarding steps before the rotation start date.

  • Communicate with school and/or clinical site coordinators if you have questions.

Reopening a Closed Rotation

If you have a rotation that closed and would like it to be reopened, communicate with the clinical site coordinator(s) to see what options are available.

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