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Template Announcement for Inviting Students
Template Announcement for Inviting Students

Template for School Coordinators to Use as They Invite Students to Clinician Nexus.

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Please feel free to copy, paste, and modify the following template to share with students as you're inviting them to use Clinician Nexus.



We are reaching out to let you know that <INSERT SITE(S) NAME(S)> is using a new platform, Clinician Nexus, for the scheduling and onboarding of clinical experiences. Please note that this is a free tool for you to use as we are so excited to have you learn at our organization.

If you do not already have a profile on their platform, you will be receiving an email to set it up within <INSERT TIME FRAME OF ADDING YOUR STUDENTS>. Once you are logged in, we will add your rotation and you will be able to complete your onboarding requirements.

If you have questions about Clinician Nexus, feel free to reach out to their team in one of the following ways:

We’re excited to make your scheduling and onboarding experience easier so that you can focus on learning!

Thank you,




About Clinician Nexus

Clinician Nexus is a platform that enables clinical sites and programs to manage medical, nursing, and allied health students during their clinical experiences.

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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