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Confirming or Releasing Slots and Scheduling Student Rotations
Confirming or Releasing Slots and Scheduling Student Rotations

School: Guide to Confirming/Releasing available Slots + Scheduling and Monitoring Students on Clinician Nexus

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After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Confirm/Release Slots

  • Schedule Students

  • Monitor Student Onboarding

Confirm/Release Slots

To view available opportunities, click to the agreements tab. Next, click the 'confirm' button to confirm all slots or 'release' to release some of the availability that's been allocated at the bottom of the page:

Schedule Students

Before you can schedule students, the clinical site will need to set up the service areas and rotation capacity for students. If you haven't yet added students that will need to be scheduled, click here to add them.

To schedule students, click +Schedule students on your left navigation menu.

  • Select the agreement applying to the rotation

  • Choose the service opportunity and date range

  • If the clinical site enables, you can add specific dates and times for the student to be scheduled, in addition to the general date range

  • Select the student(s) to be scheduled

  • Add any additional comments and click Submit

  • Optionally add a filter to narrow search for opportunities

Monitor Student Onboarding

Monitor your Rotations page for anything regarding student progress and/or your required action steps.

Rotation statuses are one way to monitor rotation progress. Rotations automatically transition through different statuses based on what steps are complete or incomplete.

Circular notification icons on rotations remind users of approaching deadlines or tasks requiring completion:

Filter by a range of criteria to find specific rotations or actions needed:

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