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School: How to create a View in your Rotations Tab.

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After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Add a View

  • Toggle Between Column, Calendar and List Formats

  • Additional View Abilities

    • Copy a View

    • Share View with Colleagues

    • Remove a View

    • Add to Favorites

  • Pin or Unpin "My Views" Sidebar

Add a View

From the Rotations tab, you can now save filters and add them to My views. All views will contain the same information when switching between Columns, Calendar, and List formatting options.

To Create a Custom View:

  • Click the Rotations tab

  • Add a filter from the Rotation List

  • Click on "Rotation List" at the top of the page to enter a custom name

  • Click "Add description" Below the rotation name to add a custom description

  • Click the Icon next to "Rotation List" to change the icon and the color of the icon

  • Click "Save To My Views"

"Start with a fresh view" allows you to go back to the 'default' Rotation List View. From here you can create new views, or view all rotation statuses.

Toggle Between Column, Calendar and List Formats

After saving a View, you can toggle between Column, Calendar and List formats.

Column: Click Column at the top of your rotation page to view all opportunities organized by status.

Calendar: Click Calendar at the top of your rotation page to view all opportunities organized by month.

List: Click List at the top of your rotation page to view all opportunities organized in a list format.

Additional View Abilities

Each of your saved Views can be copied, shared, removed, or added to your favorites list by clicking on the 3 vertical dots.

Copy a View: Duplicate a view to make adjustments when creating a new view

Share View with Colleagues: Share your custom view with individuals or the entire organization by sharing a link or checking the box at the bottom

Remove a View: Delete a View from your list of Views

Add to Favorites: Optimize your workflow and efficiency by adding your commonly used views to your favorites list. This will not remove it from your list of views

Pin or Unpin "My Views" to the Sidebar

You can collapse and expand the My Views sidebar by clicking the pin icon 'unpin views from the sidebar'. To expand the sidebar again click the drop-down menu 'My Views' and click the pin icon 'Pin views to sidebar'.

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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