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Efficiently Monitor School Compliance Steps and Clinical Site Onboarding Requirements

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After reading this article you will be able to...

  • View and Complete Clinical Site Onboarding Requirements

  • Monitor School Compliance Steps

    • Add and Save School Step Filter to My Views

    • Verify or Reject a Step

    • Set Step Expiration Date

    • Change Due Date Individually

    • Change Due Date in Bulk

View and Complete Clinical Site Onboarding Requirements

My Steps will show all the school and clinical site compliance requirements assigned to you or a student.

To view and complete steps...

  • Click the My Steps tab on the left navigation menu

  • Each step will specify whether the it is incomplete, complete, or pending verification.

  • Each step also specifies who can complete it. Sometimes, individual onboarding steps require completion by either the student or a school coordinator. In this case, you as the coordinator can complete steps on behalf of your students.

  • To complete a step, click the action buttons on the right side. There are three step types include Mark complete, Forms, and File uploads.

Once all steps are complete and/or verified, the rotation will automatically move into Ready status. This means the student is all set to start!

Monitor School Compliance Steps

Efficiently manage your organizations compliance steps by filtering the My steps page to show only your schools requirements. This filter can be saved to the My views sidebar for future use.

Add and Save School Step Filter to My Views

  • Click the My Steps tab

  • Click +Add step submission filter, and filter by "Step"

  • Select all your school compliance steps and click Apply

  • Click on "My steps" at the top of the page to enter a custom name

  • Click "Add description" Below the custom name to add a description

  • Click the Icon next to "My steps" to change the icon and the color of the icon

  • Click "Save to mystep" and it will appear in the My views sidebar.

"Add new view" allows you to go back to the 'default' My steps view. From here you can create new views, or view all steps.

From this saved view, you can check to see how students are progressing in their school compliance steps and verify completed steps. To review an upload, click on the attachment on the far right side of the step under "Add file."

Verify or Reject a Step

After selecting the file, a new pop up will appear allowing you to preview it before verifying. Click verify to approve the upload.

To reject a step, click reject to deny the upload and provide a reason for rejection. The student will be able to view the reason and reupload.

Set Step Expiration Date

If the step expires, set a date for the step to expire on. This will require the student to upload a renewed file version in the future. Students also have the ability to add an expiration date that you can override if incorrect.

Change Due Date Individually

Adjust the due date for an individual student by clicking "change due date" next to the information about who completes the step.

Change Due Date in Bulk

Adjust the due date in bulk for a particular step...

  • Add a filter for the step

  • Click Actions

  • Select "Change due date for __ Submissions"

  • Add new due date and click change dates

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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