Note: This application is intended for use by Facility Administrators, Executive Directors, Directors of Care, Directors of Nursing, and/or Supervisors. It allows a single user to trigger mass notifications to a large volume of contacts and should be restricted for use by trusted individuals only.

Depending on the type of EHR integration you have set up, there are 2 ways to add new users to enable them to send ACM Urgent notifications. Please follow the steps accordingly below.

For PointClickCare EHR Users

By default, the first user to log in to ACM with their PointClickCare Credentials for a given organization will be set as an Organizational Administrator. All subsequent users who log in will automatically be inactive until an Organization Administrator assigns them a role and activates their account.

To provision new users who have access to your PointClickCare EHR follow these steps:


Contact your desired list of new users and ask them to go to and log in with their existing PointClickCare credentials. Users will be presented with a message notifying them that they must wait for an Admin to grant them access.

All Organization Administrators will receive an automated email notification from Cliniconex when a user requests access to the ACM app.


New users who complete step 1 will appear in the ACM app under
Main Menu ☰ > User Management > Users

An Organizational Administrator must then log in to the application, navigate to User Roles, assign the appropriate user role and click on the “Key” icon to enable the user and select the facilities to which the user should have access.

Note that if a user’s account is not enabled they will not have access to the ACM application for any purpose.

Organization Administrators will have access to all of the activated facilities for your organization. This cannot be changed

For Facility Administrators and Users, their access to different facilities can be turned on and off by Organizations Administrators. They can be given access to the set, or subset, of the facilities they have access to in PointClickCare (based on their last login).

A user's status can easily be determined by looking under the Status column. Their account will appear as either "Enabled", "Pending" or "Disabled".


The accounts will now be active and new users will be able to log in and use the application!

Note: If you wish to streamline account creation you can toggle the following setting by going to Main Menu ☰ > Settings > Organizational Settings > Login Settings

Toggling this setting will result in all PCC users within your organization automatically being approved and given "User" access on first login. We recommend this only be used temporarily during the initial setup phase and turned off afterwards to maintain control of access to the ACM app.

For all other types of EHRs (including FlexData Integration)

For users who do not have PointClickCare credentials or accounts that have been configured using Cliniconex's FlexData adapter, you will need to reach out to Cliniconex's Support Team to add new users. Please ensure you send the following information along with your request:

  • Name

  • Email

If you have multiple users to add please send it in a spreadsheet!

What's Next?

Learn more about user roles & permission here.

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