Construction and field service companies employ all sorts of workers—from office staff to employees to 1099 subcontractors. Each of them need to use ClockShark in different ways, and should have different levels of access. That’s why we’ve made the Employee Settings page customizable—so you have control over who can do what in ClockShark. Assign a paid time off policy to some employees and another policy to the rest of your team. Give one of your team members manager permissions over others. You can do all that and more when adding and editing employees. Read our guide to find out how.

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How to add employees

There are two main ways to add employees. First, log in to and follow these instructions:

  • From the dashboard, click Admin

  • Under People, clickEmployees

  • On the Employees page, click the green +Add Employee button


  • Hover over the blue +New button that’s always in the top right corner of the screen

  • Click Employee

You can also bulk upload employees using a CSV spreadsheet. Learn more here. Or, you can use some integrations to import employees.

Adding employee information

Fill in the following information for each employee:

  • Employee name: Enter your employee’s first and last name.

  • Employee ID: This field is optional. Use it to create an internal ID in ClockShark for timesheets, schedules, and reports.

  • Email and Password: Add an employee email address and create a password for them to use when logging into the website and mobile app. Both fields are case-sensitive.

    If your employee doesn’t have an email address, that’s okay. You can create a username for them by using the format in the email address field instead. But it’s best to use a real email address. We’ll send a welcome email with helpful information and links to download the app. And, if they ever forget their password, they can request an email to recover it.

    Employees who want to change their password should follow the instructions in this article.

  • Color: Choose a color to keep your employees organized. For example, make your field employees red and your office employees blue.

Settings and permissions

Below are the optional settings and permissions you can grant your employees.

Pay rate and overtime

  • Base Pay Rate: Set a base pay rate to help calculate the true cost of labor and make reports (like the pay rate report) more accurate.

  • Overtime: Assign your employee to an overtime policy. You’ll need to create an overtime policy first. Learn how here.

    Basic and Standard plan customers can create a default set of overtime rules to apply to all employees. Pro plan customers can create multiple overtime rules and apply them to different employees.


  • Departments and Locations (Pro plan): Assign your employee to a group via departments and locations. You can use these groups in ClockShark to easily filter and select employees in bulk. Make sure to set up your departments and locations before adding employees. Learn how here.

    Pro plan customers can assign employees to different departments or locations, which is helpful when you have multiple crews or offices.

Time off

  • Time off (Pro plan only): Assign your employee to a paid time off (PTO), sick time, or unpaid time off policy. Make sure to set up your time off policy first. Learn how here.

    This feature is only available to Pro plan customers. Add a hire date to help calculate when your employee will start accruing time off. You can also give employees a starting balance for both PTO and sick time off. There is no limit to unpaid time off so there is no need for a starting balance.


  • Employee or Administrator: Assign this person the role of either an administrator or an employee.

    Administrators have full system access while employees have limited system access. By default, employees can only clock in via the mobile app and see their timesheets and schedules on the app and website. You can choose to give employees more permissions (including manager permissions) with the options below.

Timesheets on mobile app

  • Edit and add time to their own timesheets: Allow an employee to edit previously created timesheets in the mobile app and add new ones. With this permission, they can:

    • Correct clock in and clock out mistakes

    • Correct the job or task (if they chose the wrong one)

    • Add notes and file attachments to their timesheets

    • Add a manual timesheet (helpful if the employee forgets to clock in and out)

    Note: It’s easy to spot an edited or manual timesheet. You’ll see the message, “Edited by Employee Name,” the date and time it was edited, and a link to the audit trail showing what information the employee added or changed. Likewise, a manually added shift won’t show any GPS locations. Instead, you’ll see red Xs and a message stating, "Manually Added: Location Unavailable."

  • Edit their own timesheet notes and attachments: Allow an employee to only add and edit notes and attachments in their timesheets (instead of the full capabilities listed above). This is helpful when employees need to mention or clarify something about their shift.

Time clock

  • Enable GPSTrak™: Check this box if you need to know your employee’s location throughout the workday. ClockShark will ping for your employee’s location 3 – 4 times per hour using the GPS on their mobile device.

    If you check this box, your employee must grant the mobile app permission to always allow access to their location. That way, if they use another app on their phone during the workday, the GPSTrak™ feature will continue to work in the background without interruption. The app does not track employees when they are clocked out or on a break.

  • Require location services (GPS) to clock in from the app: Check this box if you checked Enable GPSTrak or if you need to know your employee’s location when they clock in or out from the app.

    If you check this box, your employee must grant the ClockShark app permission to access their location or they will not be able to clock in.

  • Allow clocking in from the website: Check this box to allow an employee to clock in and out from their account on the website.

    Only check this option if you do not need to know your employee’s GPS location since the web version of ClockShark does not collect GPS location data.

  • Allow clocking in from KioskClock™: Check this box if you want your employee to clock in and out using the same, shared device (often a tablet at a fixed location like an office or jobsite).

    You’ll need to create a unique pin for your employee. Only administrators have the ability to change or view a PIN in ClockShark. You can check a box to require a facial recognition photo when your employee clocks in or out using the KioskClock feature. You can also choose to make the employee an admin of the KioskClock feature. This person can start and stop the feature so that other employees can use it to clock in and out.

Work settings

By default, all employees can view customers, jobs, and tasks they have access to on both the mobile app and website. But if you want your employee to have more permissions, check one of the boxes below to allow your employee to:

  • Customers - Add and Edit: Edit and add new customers.

  • Jobs - Add and Edit: Edit jobs they have access to and add new jobs.

    Note: The employee will only be able to add a job name, number, address, and assign it to a customer. An administrator must log in to the website to add other settings.

  • Tasks - Add via Mobile: Create new tasks in the mobile app.

    Note: The employee can only add a task name and number. An administrator must log in to the website to add other settings.

  • Quotes - View: View quotes and add comments to them.

  • Quotes - Add and Edit: Update the status of a quote (mobile app and website), edit existing quotes(website only), and create new quotes (website only).

  • Invoices - View: View invoices and add comments to them (website only).

  • Invoices - Add and Edit: Edit existing invoices and create new invoices (website only).

Manager settings

If your employee is a manager at your company, use this section to give them extra permissions in ClockShark.

Note: This section is not available on Basic plans. You must have a Standard or Pro plan to use this feature.

  • Team: Choose the employees this person will have permission to manage in ClockShark.

  • Permissions: Allow this employee to do the following for their team members:

    • Edit Schedules: View and edit their team’s schedules on the website and mobile app. (This employee can only schedule jobs they have access to.)

    • Clock their team in and out with CrewClock™: Use the CrewClock feature to clock their team members in and out and start and stop breaks for them.

    • Edit Timesheets: View and edit their team’s timesheets on the website and mobile app. They can also export timesheets for payroll via integrations.

    • Approve Timesheets: Approve their team’s timesheets on the website.

    • Manage Time Off: View their team’s time off information, approve or decline their time off requests, and create new requests for team members on the website.

  • Access: Allow this employee to:

    • Schedules: View their team’s schedules only—not edit them.

    • Location with Who’s Working Now: See a map showing their team’s location during the workday.

    • Timesheets: View their timesheet and their team’s timesheets in full on the website and mobile app (including edits, locations, notes, etc.).

      Note: Employees can already view their timesheets in full on the mobile app by default but can only see totals by day and week on the website unless this option is checked.

    • Reports: Run reports for their team on the website.

Click the blue Add Employee or Update Employee button at the bottom of the page and you’re done!

If you updated your employee’s settings, they must sync their mobile app before the changes will take effect. They can do this in the app by tapping the Menu icon in the top left of the screen, tapping Sync, and then tapping the Sync Now button.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an option to Email Password and Setup Instructions to the employee. When you add a new employee, the box will be checked. If you edit an employee, you’ll have the option to check the box to send an email.

Downloading the mobile app

After you add a new employee, make sure to have them download the mobile app to start tracking time. They can download the app here for iOS devices and here for Android devices.

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