To add Employees, go to the Admin Menu and select Employees.

From the Employees screen, to add a new Employee click the Add Employee button

Each Employee will need to have an email address, since email address and password is how your employees will login to the system. If an Employee does not have an email address, you can create a free Gmail account.

When you add an Employee you will need to select either the Employee or Administrator Role. Administrators Β have full system access including the ability to review and edit time for all Employees, add new Employees, access billing info, etc. Employees have access to clock in or out for themselves, as well as review their time card via the website. Each Employee also has a set of features which can be enabled or disabled, which are explained later in this article. Any Employee role user can also be given manager permissions to allow them to access time sheets and schedules for specific employees such as a specific department or business location.

You can also select a color for each Employee. The color you select will be used in some of the system screens to help distinguish employees visually. So this color choice is arbitrary, although it's often used to group or label crews or skill levels, etc. to make working with schedules and time sheets easier.

You will need to specify a password for each Employee when they are added. Each Employee should have a unique password. Some companies prefer to use a standard convention, to make it easier for employees to remember passwords, such as first four letters of last name + last four digits of SSN

By default when you add a new Employee they will receive an email with their account info and password, plus instructions to download the mobile app. If you prefer to notify your employees through some other means, you can uncheck the box next to "Send account details and download instructions via email"

You can also assign a Department or Location for each Employee and set individual permissions for the Employee. To add an Employee to a Department or Location you'll need to first create Departments and/or Locations for your account.Β 

Employee Permissions:

Allow Job Adding via Mobile - When checked the Employee will have the option to Add Jobs from the mobile app while clocking in. This feature is useful when Jobs are created on the fly, such as in a field service operation where jobs are dispatched when they are received. Adding a Job from the mobile app allows Employees to clock into a Job that was not previously added by an Administrator.

Allow Edits to Own Time and Creation of Manual Time Sheets via Mobile - When checked an Employee can edit previously created time sheets in the mobile app. This is helpful to allow for corrections to times that were punched incorrectly via the Time Clock, to allow corrections to the Job and Task or to allow for after the fact entry of notes or File Attachments. An Employee will also be able to add a manual time sheet, which can be used to fill in a time the employee forgot to clock in for via the Time Clock. Edits and manual time sheets can be easily distinguished when reviewing time sheets, since they will be marked as "Edited By (Employee Name)" along with the date/time of the edit as well as a link to an audit trail record showing what specific information the employee added or changed.

Allow Clocking in for Self via My Time Clock on the Website - When checked an Employee will be allowed to clock in and out from the ClockShark website. When unchecked an Employee will only be able to clock in and out via the mobile app. This feature is useful to prevent field employees from circumventing the GPS features of the mobile app by clocking in from the website.

Require Location Services (GPS) to Clock In Via Mobile - When checked Location Services (GPS) must be enabled on the mobile device or the Employee will not be allowed to clock in. The Employee must also grant permission to the ClockShark app to use their location at all times, which can be done during installation of the mobile app or afterward from the Settings on the mobile device. Note that Employee locations will ONLY be recorded while an Employee is clocked in for work. When clocked out, locations are NOT tracked.

Enable GPSTrakβ„’ Location Updates While Clocked In Via Mobile - When checked an Employee's mobile app will attempt to record 3-4 map locations per hour using the GPS on their mobile device. You'll see these locations reported on the View Time Sheets detail screens, as well as on the Who's Working Now Screen.

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