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See your business like never before with real-time performance highlights and interactive trend analyses, which let you easily understand the key drivers impacting your finances. Metrics are located on the Navigation Menu on the left of Clockwork.

Filtering Dates

Date dropdown menus on the top-left of the page let you choose custom start and end dates for the metric charts. You can also click the date shortcuts on the top-right of the page to quickly filter to This Fiscal Year, Last Fiscal Year, the Past 12 Months, or Custom

Metric Cards

You can view the result for a specific month in your chosen timeframe by hovering over a point on the graph.

In the top-right of each metric card, there is also a headline figure, which summarizes the metric's performance over the chosen timeframe. You can toggle these summary figures on each card to get a different view.

  • "Total" sums all results in view

  • "Avg" calculates an average of all results in view

Need additional help? Reach out to our support chat in the bottom right of your screen any time you have questions!

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