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Automatic and manual updates in Clockwork

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As long as a connection is maintained between Clockwork and your source accounting system, your financial data will be automatically updated every hour in Clockwork. At any time, you can also go into "Settings" -> "Connected Data" to perform a sync, simply by clicking the "sync now" button. This is useful if you've just made a change in your source accounting system, and you'd like to immediately see it reflected in Clockwork.

*Note - only the Master Admin can perform this function.

Why hasn't my data been updated for more than a day?

If there is a problem with your source accounting system's API, Clockwork may temporarily lose its connection, which interrupts the automatic updates. If such a disruption occurs, all you need to do is head into the "Connected App" area in your "Settings" and click the "sync now" button. This will reauthorize a connection with your source accounting system and automatic updates will resume.

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