ClosedWon enables founders, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to get their business off the ground. Our technology is designed for SMB (small to medium businesses) products and services.

Some proven use cases include but not limited to:

  • Founder with a beta product, who would like to get more users and customers
  • A business owner with a brick & mortar store, who would like more curbside business
  • An entrepreneur who would like to raise pre-seed funding for an MVP
  • Freelancers with core expertise, who would like to serve more online clients
  • Early employee salespersons, who are tasked to generate leads and close deals for startups with employee size (1-50).

To get started, simply log in and complete the tutorial.

How do I complete the tutorial?

Persona Dashboard - Choose your target market
  1. Click "Push to campaign" - An auto-test campaign has been created as your first buyer persona. The email you signed up with will be used to receive an automated test campaign.
  2. Click on the email editor - Tailor the message. ClosedWon has pre-determined the best sequences for different use cases. For the initial test, all you have to do is customize the content and settings.
  3. Click on "Activate campaign" - Activate the first test campaign and when you are ready. Repeat the steps with one of the available ready-made target personas.
Campaign Editor - Customize your message

To confirm that the test worked, check your email. You will get 3 sequenced emails sent every 2-3 minutes.

After activating a campaign, it is highly recommended that you setup a personal public calendar.

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