Every business - from service to a product - depends on a persona. They may not be a real customer yet, but a persona's description is a fictional person who embodies the characteristics of a company's best potential customers and/or users.

Regardless if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, the more you understand your customer's and/or user's demographic, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals, the more successful you will become at engaging them.

The good news is, we've done our best to find them for you. We call the product: Personas.

Persona is a dynamic list of recipients that fall within a specific category of your target audience.

The lists consist of the following attributes:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Verified Email
  • Company
  • Social profile
  • Employee Size
  • Function
  • Industry

Personas detailed view definitions:

  • Persona name - title of a group potential buyers
  • Created Date - date persona is established
  • Lead Activity - the date any activity occurs on a lead (Read more about activity types)
  • Status - the position of a lead within the procurement process
  • Price - the cost to purchase a list of recipients
  • Keywords - specific terminologies used during the provisioning of a persona
  • Leads Automated - the number of leads that are active in an email automation campaign (ex: Out of 100 leads that are purchased, 10 leads are activated in an email automation campaign. 10% of leads within a persona is in an automated campaign. If there are no leads in an email campaign, then leads automated will equal 0%).

In order to push a 'persona' into a campaign, you are required to purchase the list in advance. The rates are found next to each 'personas'. If you have purchased a persona, the button on the left of it will dynamically change to say "Push to Campaign."

The dynamic button of a persona will update every time, which is based on the actions available and the status of each persona.

How to use persona page

  • If a persona is purchasable, the button will indicate the ability to 'buy', and the status will state "purchased".
  • If a persona is purchased, the button will indicate the ability to 'Push to campaign' and the status will state "ready."
  • If a persona is already in a campaign, the button will indicate the ability to 'Review campaign' and the status will state "active".
  • If a custom persona is has been ordered, the button will indicate the ability to create a 'New order" and the status will state "pending".
  • If a custom persona has been purchased and new recipients have been added, the button will revert back to give users the ability to "Buy" and the status will state "new leads available".

What happens if a user has already purchased a persona and new leads are added to a list after the purchase?

ClosedWon persona databases are updated daily to provide the most up-to-date data. New recipients are purchasable as soon as they are added to a purchased persona. You will only get charged for new recipients that have not yet been paid for.

How does ordering a persona work?

If you don't find the persona that fits your needs, click on 'order a persona' and our technology will find a list of recipients that fall within your required descriptions and attributes.

Ordering a persona is enabled for Founder plans and above. New trials do not have the ability to make an order since the service will cost us additional fees.

A Founder plan is allowed 2 custom orders per month. The Growth plan is allowed 5 custom orders per month.

Next article, learn how to 'Order a Persona.'

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