Order a persona is available only on the Founder and Growth plan. Free trials do not include custom orders because we incur upfront fees to find, verify, and deliver the personas on your dashboard.

To make an order, click on "Order a persona."

You will then have an opportunity to complete a series of fields. Below are examples of how you should complete the fields to get the best results.

  • Name of the persona - Ex: Title at Location, a Software engineer in San Francisco
  • Keywords - Ex: multi-family offices
  • Company - Give examples
  • Job Title - Ex: Investor or Journalist
  • Industry - Ex: Hospitality or Education
  • Employee Size - Ex: 1-10 Employee size
  • Geography - City, State, Country
  • Job Function - Ex: Operations, Sales & Marketing
  • Add tags - for advanced filtering and sorting
  • Additional notes - Provide context or links to an example of a good recipient.

The platform will replicate the completed attributes and curate the recipients for you. From there the system will initiate data aggregation after you have subscribed.

Custom order allotment per month:

  • Founder plan is allowed 2 custom orders per month per user
  • The Growth plan is allowed 5 orders per month per user
  • Enterprise plan will have unlimited orders per month

For subscribed users, once an order has been created, the order will be found within the Persona tab. The persona's button will indicate 'New Order' and the status will state 'Pending.'

When a persona is ready for purchase, the button will dynamically update to 'Buy' and the status will state 'Purchasable'.

After purchasing the data, the custom order will be available to be added to a campaign. The button will change to 'Push to campaign' and the status will state 'Purchased.'

ClosedWon Personas update daily. New recipients are added to personas and available for purchase as soon as they are added.

  1. ClosedWon does not sell duplicate recipients.
  2. If you purchased a persona in the past and would like to purchase the new recipients added to the same persona, simply purchase the difference.
  3. If a recipient has been paid for in a previous persona, you will not get charged for the same recipient twice.

Persona rates

Personas include a list of recipients that fall within a category of attributes with verified emails.

Email verification is a process of verifying an email address. It's how Personas are processed for the highest delivery rates. It tells you whether the email address is real or not.

If the email providers have added security limits or restrictions that prevent verification inspections on mailboxes, ClosedWon will be unable to correctly predict. With these cases, the recipients are automatically removed from being added to a persona.

Our rates for each verified contact are between $1.00 - $3.00 per contact. Our algorithm predicts the rates based on a series of proprietary factors.

Next up, read all about campaigns.

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