New users are welcomed with 3 types of campaigns. A campaign can only be activated when there are recipients present. There are two ways to add recipients to a campaign. The first is by pushing a persona to a campaign. The second is by importing a list of recipients, which can be uploaded to the platform with a .csv file format.

From here, a user can activate any of the ready-made campaigns.

1. Test campaign

The first campaign is called "test campaign." Designed to onboard a user the quickest way possible. The 'test campaign' will automatically include the user's email as a recipient. Click on activate campaign in order for the test to run. Once activated expect to receive 3 emails between 2-3 minutes delay per email step.

2. Email automation campaign

The second campaign is called "email automation." ClosedWon has predetermined the number of emails and the delay in between to help you get the fastest conversion. The email campaign also has content found within each step, designed to help you customize for your needs.

The email automation includes 3 steps with 3 days delay between each scheduled send date. The campaigns will take 5-10 minutes to distributes from the scheduled time and date. We also throttle individual email sequentially to avoid sending multiple emails at once.

Click on activate campaign in order to activate the 'email automation.' Expect to send emails based on the triggers you have configured during the customization of each email copy.

3. Smart flow campaign

The third is called a "smart flow." A smart flow auto-detects the best conversion campaigns for unverified leads. The smart flow combines Linkedin and email engagements. In today's social selling atmosphere, it is critical to growing your book of business with a dynamic approach that includes multiple channels. Read "Smart flow" for more details.

If you prefer to create a campaign from scratch, simply:

  1. Click create campaign
  2. Select New Campaign
  3. Select Step type: Email or Linkedin

Next up, read all about Smart Flows.

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