When you're managing a business pipeline of 300+ leads, it's easy to get lost in the flurry of activity. One of the biggest challenges is creating demand for products and services from recipients who may not yet be aware of your brand.

With Smart activity, you can generate demand by identifying what steps must be taken to convert a lead into a high-quality, high-qualified potential buyer. The feature is available on the Growth and Enterprise plans.

How to use:

Once this feature is available you can click on any lead and the side panel will pop up, which tracks the activities that occurred for each lead.

A lead's activity always begin on the created date. Three ways a lead is created.

  1. Importing a .csv
  2. Adding manually
  3. Purchasing a persona

A created lead is then pushed to a campaign to initiate engagement activities (activity details found here).

What is a smart activity?

A lead activity timelines each step that occur per person. In a smart activity triage situation, leads with a status of 'action required' should be supported first, and 'off-track' leads go last. Therefore smart activity recommends the next best actionable step to convert leads through the sales cycle.

How to use smart activity to manage Linkedin outreach?

Linkedin is a professional social media service that networks employers with employees. Linkedin has a sales navigator product which makes social selling easy.

If you don't have sales navigator:

  1. Click on the copy/paste icon to copy the message in your clipboard
  2. Click on the Linkedin icon and a new tab will open
  3. Type the recipients name in Linkedin Search
  4. Click on 'Connect'
  5. Click on 'Add a note'
  6. Click 'Done'

If you have Linkedin's Sales Navigator:

  1. Click on the copy/paste icon to copy the message in your clipboard
  2. Click on the Linkedin icon and a new tab will open
  3. Click on 'Connect'
  4. Click on 'Add a note'
  5. Click 'Done'

What's next?

Smart activity will prompt you with dynamic buttons as next actions. The buttons are your guide in executing the smart flow campaigns. At the bottom of the smart activity, you'll be asked, "What's next?"

Important: Linkedin actions are irreversible. Confirming 'Yes' to notification pop ups will affect performance metrics - activating the next step within the smart flow campaign.

How to use:

  • If a Linkedin action is completed, click on Linkedin connect sent.
  • A confirmation page will pop up to ensure you don't accidentally trigger the metrics of your campaign.
  • Once confirmed, you will be asked if the request has been accepted.
  • If "Linkedin accepted" is clicked, then the next step in the campaign will automatically schedule as a follow-up.
  • If "Linkedin accepted" is clicked, then a confirmation page will pop up to ensure the event has taken place to avoid triggering the next step of your campaign.
  • If Linkedin is not accepted, click on "Withdraw request" to automatically schedule the next attempt.
  • If 'Withdraw request' is clicked, a confirmation will pop up to reconfirm if the Linkedin request has been withdrawn. If you click 'Yes,' the next Linkedin attempt in step 1 of your campaign will be scheduled.

What is the next attempt in Step 1?

The next attempt is the second version of your connection request message on Linkedin. Improve your content to win a favorable result: an accepted Linkedin connection.

How many Linkedin connect request can I send?

3 max attempts are allowed to connect on Linkedin. If the recipient chooses not to connect, they automatically exit the campaign and will not receive any follow-up emails.

How does the withdraw an invitation on Linkedin work?

You can easily view your sent invitations and withdraw any that are still waiting for a response from the recipient. If you withdraw now, you won’t be able to resend to this person for up to 3 weeks. Click here to withdraw, or more details, go here.

How many connection requests can I send a day?

We recommend sending connection requests to no more than to 3–5% of your total LinkedIn connections. For example, if you have 1500 total LinkedIn connections, you can send 75 connection requests per day.

What happens if a Linkedin recipient responds to my messages?

You will have the ability to record Linkedin responses to keep track of all social selling conversations in one place.

Learn more about the types of activities.

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