System activity:

  • Created on - the date a lead was either imported, purchased or added
  • Last updated - the date a lead was last edited/updated
  • Pushed to a campaign - the date a lead is added to a campaign
  • Last activity on a recipient - activity is an outreach event (Email, Twitter, Linkedin, Calendar event)
  • Scheduled - the date a lead is scheduled and activated in a campaign
  • RSVP - the date a meeting reservation has been confirmed
  • Exited on - the date a lead exits a campaign

Linkedin activity:

  • Requested on - the date of a Linkedin request sent
  • Connected on - the date a Linkedin connection accepted
  • Linkedin response - the date and copied response of a Linkedin engagement
  • Messaged on - the date a Linkedin message is sent
  • Withdrawn on - the date a connection request is withdrawn

Email activity:

  • Email scheduled - the copy that will go out on a scheduled date
  • Email open - the date an email has been read
  • Email click - the date a URL in an email is clicked
  • Email response - the date a recipient responds to an email
  • Bounced - the date an email bounced
  • Unsubscribed on - the date the lead unsubscribed or opted out of a campaign

Twitter activity:

  • Twitter added - the date a twitter handle is added
  • Twitter follow - the date the lead is followed on twitter

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