Data points assess the state of your business. Operational effectiveness and improvements are measured on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Qualitative and quantitative KPI can be found under the Leads and Campaigns page.

Leads KPI

Hot Tip: Clicking on a KPI is a short cut to filtering leads view. To clear the view filter, simply unclick the highlighted metric.


  • Number of All recipients - total number of contacts in a user's database
  • Number of Inactive recipients - number of contacts purchased, imported or added that are not activated in a campaign
  • Number of Active recipients - number of contacts in a running campaign

Hot tip: To change leads view from active to inactive, click on dropdown.

  • Verified only - contacts with verified emails
  • Social only - contacts without emails and social URLs exist (Linkedin, Twitter)


Underneath each metric, performance changes are presented on a weekly basis with an increase or decrease in activities.

  • Engaged - the number of contacts who received an email or Linkedin message
  • On track - number of contacts who are receiving scheduled messages on time
  • Off-track - number of contacts who miss scheduled times (Linkedin request, accept, withdraw, message are not sent as scheduled)

Hot tip: Click on the dropdown, to change leads view from 'On track' to 'Off track.'

  • Action required - Linkedin contacts that require action (ex: send request, check if accepted, withdraw request, send a message)

How does 'Action Required' work?

If a campaign includes any Linkedin steps, a user is required to send a Linkedin request or send a direct message on the date of the schedule (see image).

  1. To complete, click on the "Linkedin request sent" on the scheduled date.
  2. If missed, the recipient will be marked as "action required."

Campaign KPI

Measure the effectiveness of a campaign with key performance indicators. KPIs keep objectives at the forefront of essential business decision making. Properly used, KPIs foster growth.


Recipients - total number of leads added to a campaign

Scheduled - the number of recipients scheduled to send on a specific start date


  • Engaged - is a combination of outgoing engagement or touch-points across channels

Engagement or Touch-point examples types:

  1. Linkedin connect request,
  2. Linkedin message,
  3. Twitter follow, and
  4. number of emails sent to a recipient
  • Replied - a recipient who replies by email or Linkedin
  • RSVP - a recipient who books a meeting
  • Action required - an outstanding Linkedin activity that is scheduled and incomplete

Linkedin steps will track the following:

  • Scheduled
  • Request sent
  • Connected
  • Withdrawn
  • Message sent
  • Replied
  • RSVP
  • Exit
  • Opted out

Email Steps will track the following:

  • Scheduled
  • Sent
  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Replied
  • RSVP
  • Exit
  • Unsubscribed

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