Is the ClosedWon Partner Program a fit for you?

  • ClosedWon is a fit if you sell services to B2B clients.
  • You provide at least one of the following services for your clients: Demand Generation, Lead Generation, Outbound sales, Sales & marketing consulting, and user acquisition strategy.
  • You are currently servicing other entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Who qualifies as a Founder Partner?

There are 2 types of early stage founders that qualify:

  • Stage 1 - In the process of validating an idea, building an initial product, and talking to potential users about an idea
  • Stage 2 - Launched an MVP, talking to early customers and getting feedback from customers

Who qualifies as a Growth Partner?

  • Stage 3 - Launched a product with many active users, and working on growing revenue/users.
  • Entrepreneurs, consultants and value add resellers

How do you become a Founder or Growth Partner?

  1. In order to become a partner, you must be a product expert.
  2. To choose the partner type, subscribe either to a Founder or Growth plan
  3. Complete the Founder & Growth partnership Agreement

Why should you become a partner?

  • You’ll become an expert in ClosedWon technology, while building an entirely new revenue stream for your business by servicing ClosedWon or recruiting other Founder or Growth partners.
  • You’ll be given access to exclusive partner service materials and always will be the first to know about new ClosedWon products and features.
  • Recruiting other partners will enable you to earn commission revenue for every milestone tier achieved.
  • A joined opportunity to co-marketing with support and ability to launch a go-to-marketing strategy.
  • Finally, you’ll have access to a dedicated Partner Success Manager for your business with access and listing to our partners directory.

How do ClosedWon help your startup?

  • Reduce the time to deliver value for your clients. ClosedWon partners help their clients drive more leads, book more meetings, grow pipeline and revenue quickly.
  • Grow the Lifetime Value of your clients. Founder and growth partners who help their clients with lead generation, sales and marketing copywriting and revenue consulting and strategy retain clients and convert them into life-long evangelists.
  • Dovetail your startup to tangible results such as lead engagement, responses, meetings booked, pipeline created and revenue generated - actionable goals that are measurable towards an increase in MRR.

What does it cost to join the Founder or Growth plan?

All you have to do is become a product expert by subscribing to either a Founder or Growth plan. Once you subscribe, submit a query via web-chat to submit your interest and one of success managers will send you a partnership agreement. That's it.

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