There will be times in a restaurant environment that a customer would like to add a note to their order in order to confirm a unique request with their meal or drink. This request could vary, for example: Please add the sauce on the side.

If the item has modifiers (like add-ons, options or portion control function), then the staff can click on the particular order where it will bring up the respective modifiers. From here, you can scroll down until the "Item Note" button appears above an empty box. Here you can type in the unique message requested.

If the item has no modifiers, then the staff can still add the items to the tab and the note can be added afterwards.

*Note: Item Note will not display in the tab once added – it will only appear on a production slip when order is placed.

Any further queries regarding item notes, you can email or call +27 (0) 72 863 0116


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