If you are using Pastel, there will be a few line items that you should be aware of during the setup process:  

- LineType:Once the accounting integration has been set up correctly, you will be able to set the LineType when creating a product on Admin.

- Store: This does not have to be set, but the tenant would be aware of this field if they use pastel.

- SKU: This will be seen on the product set up page on admin. This is the same as the Stock Code that the tenant uses for the product. If a specific product has a stock code of 1001 then the SKU on admin should be set to 1001.

Note: Once the product is added and the LineType or Store is set it will create both an entry in the MenuItems table and the Pastel Products table in our database. This entry is necessary for the correct LineType to display in the Pastel Reports.

If you would like additional help on the above setup, please call +27 (0)72 863 0116 or email info@cloudone.mobi

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