The Membership Plan sold to your member controls everything that they are able to book in your business.

When you go onto the members membership plan which can be found by choosing edit and then go on the details tab. By doing this it will allow you to see the elements of the Membership Plan that you sold.

Click on Membership Plan link

You are able to access the membership plan which the member is currently on.
Go down to Activity Access as this is where you would need to make changes in order for the member to be able to access activities that you wish them to within this plan.

On the Activity Access section there is a list of the classes. All you need to do now is tick the ones they can use within the Membership Plan. Those left un ticked means the member can book these activities but will have to pay extra when they book it with you.

As shown in the above screenshot, none of the classes have been ticked. This means that the member would not be able to book on a class through the member area. 

For example if the member wanted to book onto the Hit Class, the hit class box would have to be ticked in order for this class to be accessible. Once ticked and the changes have been saved, when the member is next trying to book the class they would be able to do so. 

Top Tip
The Membership Plan determines everything that you allow the member to have access to within their plan. If not ticked when booking activities the member will have to pay and additional charge by card when it is booked.

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