Activity info tab will consist of what will show up on the members app when customers book in.

On the first page you will enter in how long the class will last, who it is instructed by. What default colour you would like it to appear on the diary as, also you can add in a description so when a member goes to book online they can then see what the class is about. On the right hand side if you click the camera you can upload a photo which will also show up online.

Booking tab

Within here you will the minimum and maximum number of members in the class. Once the maximum has been reached anyone else will join the waiting list. then if a space is available they will get an email notification.

You can then allow it to be bookable online through the ClubRight app, as well as if only members can book on or non-members purchasing credits can also. If it is an online activity you can turn this on to allow an automatic link to zoom to be sent to the members when booking in.

Allow ticket purchasing will mean it will use up all the customers credits to book in - we would advise not turning this on unless doing a one off event.

Example below:

Bolt-ons tab.

Anything selected here will come up as an option to purchase when booking into the class.

Example below:

Membership plan access

Under membership plan access you can tick the plans which give unlimited access to the class.

Product access

Under product access you can tick the products which will give access to the activity. You will need to setup a credit for this to work which you can find out more about within the creating a credit article.

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