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Can the booking calendar be integrated with my personal calendar?
Can the booking calendar be integrated with my personal calendar?

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Yes. You can synchronize your bookings on Clustermarket with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook (most versions), and other calendar services that support “iCal”. We have created demo videos to show how to synchronize your Clustermarket calendar:

To sync your Clustermarket calendar with an external calendar:
1) Press Home at the top left hand side of Clustermarket
2) Scroll down and click on 'Export bookings to external calendar'
3) Activate calendar subscription link and copy it into your external calendar. Links to each external calendar's further guidance can be found on that page.




Clustermarket also has an Outlook Integration that can sync calendars to almost real time. To set this up:
1) Navigate to the "Integrations" section in the sidebar.
2) Locate the Outlook integration option.
3) Click on the "Connect" button within the Outlook integration card.
4) This action will lead you to Outlook's interface, where you will be prompted to grant Clustermarket access. This access is necessary to enable the creation of Outlook calendar events for each booking.
5) After accepting the access request, you will be redirected back to the Clustermarket integrations page, accompanied by a success message.

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