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cmorq App: An Introduction
cmorq App: An Introduction

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We are an app that gives people access to Web3! Through the app's 'NFT center', we give users an NFT every week with exclusive drawings! Also, we have metaverses in the app for you to explore and find codes for over 50 NFTs.

In Brazil, we have the PIX function! With Pix you can add funds to your cmorq wallet. This balance will be converted and enter your wallet with the USD currency, which is the stablecoin paired with the dollar (cryptocurrency that has the same value: 1 USD = 1 US Dollar).

With your USD balance, you can invest and start saving in ETH, MATIC, and other cryptos....

You don't need cryptocurrencies to receive NFTs and store them in your wallet on Blockchain.⛓️

cmorq is a self-custody wallet. This means that only you have exclusive control over your wallet, crypto and information.

Everything is recorded on the blockchain. cmorq has no ownership of your information and no way to take your assets out of your wallet. It is full ownership and accountability, with assets and information entered controlled solely by you! 🔒

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