cmorq was born out of a simple frustration that while the new and exciting world of blockchain has piqued curiosity, only a small percentage of users truly leverage the power of DeFi and generate wealth.

Let's take a look at how cmorq is different

1) Unlike a Demat account, where your broker, Robinhood or Wealthfront, holds the securities on your behalf, and you are delegated rights to the asset, wallets created through cmorq allow you to self-custody your crypto asset.

You own the assets and only you can decide when and where to move them!

2) In the traditional personal finance apps, old school instruments like Government and Muni bonds are used to generate yields whereas cmorq leverages decentralized protocols like Compound and Lido to allow users to take sovereign and transparent actions.

3) No hidden transaction fees! Unlike your typical crypto provider who charges transaction fees, cmorq's unique back-end does transactions directly on-chain! Therefore, users only pay the ETH transaction fees or if you're on Polygon network, you transact at near $0 fee.  
We add a little Matic to your wallet when you create a cmorq wallet

4) Return optimizations! Composability (i.e. Lego-like ability) of DeFi protocols has unlocked the ability to generate compounding yields and we make sure to recommend you the safest battle-tested returns.

In essence, cmorq is simply the layer between your phone and the world of decentralized finance!

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