While we see that traditional brokers can offer crypto assets alongside equities like Tesla & Apple, the same doesn't hold true for crypto exchanges!

Beyond the obvious fact above, the other significant way these exchanges differ is their custody structure! Let's dig in....

Traditionally, financial assets like bonds and stocks are bought by brokers like Robinhood and Wealthfront in their own name in hundreds. Subsequently, the rights to proceeds from these stocks are moved to retail users like you and I when we purchase the an asset in-app.

For sake of convenience and operational efficiency, traditional brokers follow the same process for your crypto assets.
In crux, they custody your assets for you and so they can stop your trading or withdrawing at their convenience!

But cmorq is different!

cmorq acts as a medium to bridge the gap between your phone and decentralized finance! cmorq wallet allows for self custody i.e. you and only you know the password to your wallet and your wallet is hosted on-chain and not by cmorq!

cmorq allows you to convert fiat to crypto and be in control of your crypto assets at all times. This means no matter how big the short squeeze is, we can't stop you from trading!

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