Instead of having your assets lay idle in your wallet, one of the more sophisticated actions to take with your crypto assets is to stake them!

Staking, the actions itself, is usually a result of a Proof-of-stake consensus happening on some level of the protocol, and allows holders to participate in the securing the network and there by earn rewards!

Following are the three commonly known routes to earn rewards from staking:

1) Staking on your own
Some chains like Cardano (ADA) allow users to stake their tokens without any minimum limits! and though this is great, the returns don't expand unless the amount staked is beyond a certain number. Yet, there are other chains that necessitate running a Validator node.

2) Become a validator
Being a validator can be considered as being a miner for the most part, and similar to mining, where rewards are a function of hardware used, staking returns are also a function of how many tokens are staked in the validator.

The bigger the stake, the higher the returns

While higher returns are great, being a validator usually requires a minimum amount of assets staked. For example, running a ETH 2.0 validator node requires a stake of 32 ETH at the minimum, in addition to all the hardware required to run the node!

As of writing, 1 ETH = $1,945 & that brings the cost to running a validator to a whooping $62,000!

3) Join a Validator

Last but, at times the most lucrative option to maximize returns is joining hands with a validator.
Yes! you heard it right, some protocols and chains like Tezos (XTZ) allow users to a delegate their holding to a Validator. This design allows retail investors like you and I, to be a part of a larger stake and thereby earn higher rewards without the hassle of operating the tech operations!

At cmorq, we understand the trade-offs between these routes and while we don't charge any fees in the investment pipeline here we do triage the best option for you to stake with.

To get started simply navigate to 🕒 Portfolio tab and select your Ether or Matic tokens using drop down on Stake tile and earn returns upto 5.5%*

*- Return rates are a function of myriad of factors related to on-chain economics

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