We're glad that you decided to move on from Dharma over to cmorq 🦅

Here are the steps to migrate assets to cmorq App:

1. Onboard to cmorq and copy cmorq your wallet by navigating to the Wallets tab in-app and tapping on the desired wallet will give you the option to copy this wallet's address. (the same address works for both ETH & Polygon networks)

2. Open your Dharma app and go to the home screen where your assets are listed.

3. Click into the specific asset you are looking to sell / transfer.

4. Once you click into the asset, you’ll see two options at the bottom, select ‘Transfer’.

Note: If transferring to another wallet, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK❗️ that you are transferring to a wallet on the same network. Only tokens from Ethereum Mainnet will arrive to other Ethereum supported wallets, and only tokens from Polygon will arrive to other Polygon supported wallets. You will lose your funds if you send tokens to an address on the wrong network!

5. Follow the prompts to complete the process 🎉 Please note that you will only be able to transfer or sell the maximum amount of tokens you have in your wallet. You cannot transfer some and sell some, you must perform a single action for 100% of your holdings of each token.

6. Once complete for that asset, go into the next asset and replicate the same process. You will need to do this for every asset on both the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon networks.

That said do let us know via intercom if you face any troubles whilst attempting the process.

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