You can follow the steps below and withdraw assets to a ETH/Polygon compatible wallet

1. Add your recipient address of choice starting with 0x in Wallet tab and you'll be able to see the newly address in the drop downs across the app.
2. Navigate to Pay/Receive tab for transferring your tokens
3. Select your asset of choice from the drop down
4. Select the the wallet you added in step 1. from the drop down for the To field

5. Press Send 🎉

And to transfer NFTs navigate to the NFT tab ⏹ and select the wallet from step 1. after pressing Transfer NFT!

That said, there is a $1000 limit per fiat transaction and a limit of 1 external wallet transaction per week limit.

Lastly, if you've funded your wallet using cmorq, we'll need to do a quick KYC to be compliant with local jurisdictional requirements. Just reach out via intercom and we'd be happy to help.

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