Marketplaces, like OpenSea, can be used to buy or sell an NFT.

OpenSea allows you to trade your NFTs for free! And you can do that by connecting your cmorq "Signing" wallet to their website.

You can find a guide below on how you can do this. It is a simultaneous process between two devices. Make sure you have two devices available.

OpenSea gives you the option to only list via browser (chrome or Edge, for example), but you can use their app to keep track of what you've been up to.

Follow the steps below. OpenSea should be opened in your second device:

1 - In the cmorq app, on your cell phone, go to the wallets tab, select your cmorq wallet under "signing".

2 - Click on "WalletConnect".

3 - Enter your password and your camera will open.

4 - Open the OpenSea website on your second device. Click Profile, select "Wallet Connect".​

5 - Scan the QR code.

6 - On your cell phone, you will receive a pop up message to connect your wallet with OpenSea, click "yes".

7 - Your profile will be created on Opensea. The NFTs you have in your cmorq wallet will be in the "Hidden" folder in OpenSea. Click on "more" and you will be able to see the folder.

The step below is optional! You do not need to go through it in order to list your NFT. If you don't want to unhide them, proceed to the following step (To list your NFT).

To have your NFTs in your public collected NFTs section, follow the steps below. Remembering that it is a simultaneous process between your cell phone and your second device.

1 - Click on the "Hidden" folder, select one NFT at a time.

2 - Click on the ellipsis, select "Unhide" and then tap on "Unhide" one more time.

3 - On your cell phone, in the cmorq application, a message will appear asking you to "sign" a consent to share this NFT with OpenSea. Click "sign" and enter your password.

4 - On OpenSea, your NFT will be sent to the "Collected" folder (Repeat the steps above for each NFT you have in your wallet).

To list your NFT:

1 - On OpenSea, in the "Collected" folder, or on "Hidden" folder (whichever way you have decided to proceed) click on your NFT and select "Sell".

2 - Add the amount in ETH from your choice (the correspondent amount in USD will be shown right below. You can also choose how long you want to leave your NFT for sale under "Duration". And then click "Complete listing".

​To do the steps below, you will need your cell phone nearby, as well. Remember that your cmorq wallet needs to be connected for this whole process to work. If the OpenSea website loses connection with cmorq app, don't worry, just connect again. This entire process is done via blockchain, and yes, it can be unstable sometimes.

1 - On the OpenSea website, a message "Unlock selling" will appear. This process will be done only once. Click "Unlock".

2 - On your mobile, you want to authorize this action by clicking on "sign" and adding your password.

3 - On the OpenSea website, a new function will be enabled as "Unlock currency", to authorize the transaction with your wallet for trading with the currency (ETH).

4 - On your mobile, you will have to authorize this action by clicking on "sign" and adding your password.​

5 - On the OpenSea website, you will be asked for the last signature with your wallet, to authorize the entire process above. Click "sign".

6 - On your mobile, click on "sign" and enter your password.

Now you are done. Your NFT was listed! 🎉

You can share the NFT you just listed on Twitter with the following message:

"Check out this NFT I got for free from @cmorq_ #CMORQMETAVERSE #poap #NFT #Airdrop"

NOTE: Don't delete the Opensea URL from the tweet.

To confirm you NFT is listed, go back to your Profile on OpenSea, then Select "Activity". Under event type, choose "listings" and remove the "Ethereum" filter.

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