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On our mission to provide readily accessible banking to the masses we strive to enable our users save for their future. A multitude of studies show that making goals more tangible will more likely lead to true commitment and successful results.

cmorq save is one of cmorq's newest features which aims to make your saving goal tangible. In the 'Save' tile located on the products page of our app we provide you with everything you need to achieve your saving goal. At the top of the tile we show you how much you have saved. This number is the sum of all your assets on cmorq (total balance). Below your savings balance is the option to set a savings goal (number) along with an item/milestone in the carousel to lock in as your goal (Car, Retirement, Vacation, etc).

Once you have set your saving goal we provide you with the option to turn on a weekly reminder from us to add to your savings. This reminder is our small way of enabling you to reach your goal for a better future. You can turn this off at anytime but we recommend against doing that as these reminders can help you remain disciplined.

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