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Changing passwords for phone-connected wallets
Changing passwords for phone-connected wallets

Step by Step to change your password with your phone number

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User security is one of our foremost concerns in today's digital world, and with good reason. With the increasing use of phone-connected digital wallets, it is crucial to ensure adequate protection for these accounts against threats and potential unauthorized access. In this article, we will discuss the relevance of user security when changing the password of a phone-connected digital wallet and clarify that this process is intended to assist those who have forgotten their passwords and wish to regain access to their wallets.

The need to ensure user security

Losing or forgetting the password of a digital wallet can lead to worrisome situations, as it can block the legitimate owner's access, resulting in the inability to carry out transactions or manage funds properly. This is where the importance of ensuring user security comes into play when dealing with the password change process of a phone-connected digital wallet.

The process of changing passwords for phone-connected wallets
Usually, the password change procedure involves identity verification steps, such as sending a verification code to the phone number registered on the account.

Step1: Tap on the QR code button on top of the wallet tab
Step2: Select Change Password option from the pop-up
Step3: Follow the flow including a phone verification
Step4: Password changed 🎉

Please note:
1. It is the user's responsibility to maintain access to the phone line on which the wallet was registered.
2. cmorq is not liable for any losses resulting from the lack of access to the phone line linked to the wallet.

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