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How to get started on SunflowerLand?
How to get started on SunflowerLand?
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Connecting to SunflowerLand using the cmorq app with WalletConnect

SunflowerLand is an exciting blockchain-based game that offers players the opportunity to explore a unique virtual world and collect exclusive NFTs. To enter the adventure, you can connect to the game using the cmorq app with WalletConnect functionality, allowing for a secure and hassle-free experience. Below are the simple steps to enter SunflowerLand through cmorq:

Step 1: SunflowerLand Account

After installing the cmorq app on your smartphone, launch the game on your computer. To create your account and generate your QRCode, follow the steps below:

  1. Select: Create Account

  2. Select: Let's Go!

  3. Select: Other Wallets

  4. Select: Wallet Connect

  5. Your QR Code will be generated.

Step 2: Connect Your Account

With your QRCode generated, open the cmorq app and look for "SunflowerLand" in the NFT tab.

  1. Click: Let's Play!

  2. Click: Scan and Play!

  3. Your camera will start - If it doesn't open, check the app permissions.

  4. Scan your QRCode.

  5. The signature process will begin.

  6. Click: Sign

  7. Enter your Password

Confirm the Signature

Step 3: Add 10 BRL to Your Wallet

SunflowerLand operates on the Matic blockchain, known for its fast transactions and reduced fees. To make the most of the game experience, you'll need to exchange your balance for MATIC. Follow the flow below to add balance to your wallet through the Pix tab:

  1. Go to the Pix tab and click: Deposit

  2. Enter your CPF (Brazilian Taxpayer ID)

  3. Confirm if it's correct - or update it

  4. Copy the Pix key and choose your bank to proceed.

Step 4: Invest in MATIC

Once you have a balance in your wallet, use the cmorq app to easily and quickly invest in MATIC.

  1. Go to the Invest tab and choose the amount of USD to 2 MATIC and confirm.

  2. Check the Summary of your Investment Order and confirm.

  3. Enter your Password to complete the transaction.

Step 5: Mint NFT (Sign Laptop)

Now that you have Matic in your wallet, you're ready to mint your NFT on SunflowerLand and start playing!

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