If you already have a subscription

  1. Log into Co-Kinetic

  2. Go to the Getting Started link on the My Account page

If you don't yet have a subscription but...

...want to take a look behind the scenes at the patient information resources and see what you will have access to under this subscription then watch the video below.

Note: The patient information resources are included in ALL four of our core subscriptions.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your leaflets

There are lots of really easy and simple things you can do with your Patient Information Resources which can help you to:

  • Deliver a fantastic customer experience by sending them as links in emails to clients after their appointments (perhaps also when you ask them for a testimonial or review 😉 )

  • Include them as links in your nurture emails to build trust and establish authority with your email list

  • Share them as links on your social networks, on local business pages, or in local discussion forums where they add value to the existing conversation (or use them as a conversation starter)

  • Print them out and distribute them locally through businesses, sport and exercise settings and clubs, community/health centres/village halls/libraries, GP surgeries, local supermarkets, anywhere you can think of...

  • Post them to past (and existing) clients as a way of keeping in touch

  • Even use them to decorate your clinic area or display in leaflet stands in your clinic or at open days that you might attend.

And because they can all be branded, they are great, almost 'accidental', marketing resources. The patient leaflets are included in all four of our core subscriptions so everyone has access to them.

Inspiration and Ideas on Using Your Resources

  • See how to use the physical printed leaflets to promote awareness of your business locally

  • Use the posters and leaflets to add some pzazzz and sparkle to your clinic and treatment area

  • Use the Customer Newsletters to keep in touch with past clients as well wow your existing ones

  • Include links to the resources in your nurture (non-selling) emails to build trust, establish authority and add value to your email list

More Help and Related Resources

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