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The "How To" Section - updated for 2022
How to: Connect Co-Kinetic to a Mailchimp account (optional)
How to: Connect Co-Kinetic to a Mailchimp account (optional)

By connecting us to Mailchimp, your new email leads collected in Co-Kinetic will be transferred automatically across to Mailchimp

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Why would you want to do this?

If you have a good healthy marketing set up then automation is key. It means you can build your email list and build relationships with that list, in the most time-effective way possible.

Ideally any new email lead who signs up to download some of your resources, would join your bigger email list and then be entered into a nurture process. This means sending regular, non-selling emails to build on and strengthen the relationship you have with that lead as well as learn more about what they're specifically interested in.

Here's how to connect Co-Kinetic to Mailchimp

If my video looks different to what's on Mailchimp when you watch this...

Don't panic. Mailchimp updates it's user interface OFTEN and it's hard to keep up so if this is the case, the easiest thing is to read Mailchimp's help post here about finding your API keys.

In Co-Kinetic go to the My Account/Integrations section > click the Analytics and Integrations tab > copy your Mailchimp API key from Mailchimp and paste it into the corresonding box on that tab in Co-Kinetic top box (making sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the key - this is important) That key is very specific and must be exact.

Audiences (Lists)

If you want to keep your Co-Kinetic leads separate from your normal audience (which I would advise against - it's easier if they're all in one Audience - otherwise you have to send your nurture email out to two different audiences which bluntly is just a waste of time) you can create a separate Audience on Mailchimp if required and then designate that Audience in Co-Kinetic as the place to put your leads.

Note: If you DO want to set up a separate Audience in Mailchimp then you need to do that first before connecting Co-Kinetic to Mailchimp (otherwise the Audience dropdown option won't appear).

Advantages of connecting to Mailchimp

Even if you don't use Mailchimp as your email marketing platform, because it's so widely used/known, you can then use other tools like Zapier to move your leads from Mailchimp into your preferred email platform. If you don't feel confident using a tool like Zapier, fret not, there are plenty of people on the casual freelance site Fiverr who can help you do that.


You can download a CSV file (a simplified spreadsheet) from the Leads tab of each of your campaigns and import them manually into your email platform of choice.

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