Before you Start:

1. Make sure you’ve set up your branding as directed in the previous day's help post, this appears on the footers of your autoresponder email, email lead sign-up and lead magnet delivery pages. Help on doing that is here.

If you've already set up a campaign before and just want a quick refresher click here.

If this is your first campaign, then watch (and implement as you go along) each of the following videos in order:

  1. How the Co-Kinetic social media system is set up the way it is, and why that's important to know (<4 mins)

  2. Set your time zone, connect your social networks and choose your first campaign to run (4 mins)

  3. Select the specific social media posts you want to post (<5 mins)

  4. Activate (and edit if needed) your campaign autoresponder email (5 mins)

  5. Last step - launch your social media campaign (3 mins)


Once you're set up and know what you're doing, it should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to launch future campaigns – just use the quick 2 minute quick video refresher here.

Having Problems/Troubleshooting?

  • The video below covers the 5 simple errors to troubleshoot that usually cause a campaign to not trigger (2:18) – watch video -

Want to send your new email leads over to Mailchimp?

There's a Help post that covers that here.

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