If your campaign is showing as Inactive, even though you've set it up ready to go, it won't turn active until it hits its start date.

If you want to do a final double check to make sure everything is correct, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Integrations and Disconnect, and then Reconnect to Facebook (if you haven't done it for a while). Each time you do this, Facebook gives you/us a new login token that lasts for 90 days and allows the Co-Kinetic site to post to your Facebook page. If the token expires, your posts won't post until you renew this token by disconnecting and then reconnecting. We will send you emails and pop-up messages on the Co-Kinetic site to remind you to do this when the deadline looms, but if in doubt, better safe than sorry.

  2. Under the Campaign Media tab for the campaign you are planning to run, make sure you have text pasted in the boxes of each post, for the social network/s you want to post to

  3. Under the Setup tab for the campaign you want to run, make sure the Active/Inactive toggles are switched on for the social network/s you want to post to.

  4. Make sure the start date is set in the future (ideally at the earliest tomorrow) and the end date falls AFTER the start date.

If each of those things are in place, you're good to go :-)

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