When someone enters their details in one of our lead collection forms, they are automatically directed to the page where they can download the resources they've signed up to receive. 

If you (during testing), or your customer reports, that there is no where to download the leaflets, ie. the hoverable icons which show each resource, doesn't appear, there's a good chance that you or they have a pop-up blocker enabled within your web browser.

If this is the case, just try Googling, "disable pop-up blocker in [insert the name of your web browser ie. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.] and follow the instructions to disable or turn off the pop-up blocker.

Then refresh your page (you might need to do this a few times until the page actually refreshes properly) and the icons with the pop-up leaflet titles should reappear.

If this doesn't solve the problem, just jump on the chat icon and raise a ticket with us and sharing a link to one of your lead delivery pages.

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