It's a beautifully simple process:

  1. We've already built the email lead collection page for you and we host it for you (so there's nothing you need to do here)

  2. We write the high value resources (lead magnets) that act as the incentive to the viewers you send to this page, to share their email address with you

  3. We build and host the web page where those who complete your form, can download these high value leaflets (so again there's nothing you need to do here)

  4. We create the social media and upload it onto Co-Kinetic which you can then post to your social networks, telling people about the existence of the high value resources - all you need to do is decide which topic of campaign you want to run and follow the simple 4-step process to trigger the social media to post automatically to your social networks. And then just leave Co-Kinetic to get on with it.

  5. We've even pre-written an email which is automatically sent to your new email prospects giving them a link back to the page of resources. And of course you can edit the email to suit your style or even re-write it if you really want to!

Visually it looks like this:

Watch this short video below to see how it works

The first 1 minute and 30 seconds shows you everything you need to know (the rest of the video is basically just me showing cool stuff off 😎 because I happen to be pretty proud of it!).

So you can also see why it's impossible for your viewers not to be impressed!

There are currently 30 different campaign topics, giving you lots to choose from and ranging from commonly experienced health and wellbeing subjects like chronic pain, menopause and long-Covid, through to a whole host of sports injury topics.

We also publish a brand new campaign on a different topic every 4-6 weeks 😃.

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