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The "How To" Section - updated for 2022
How to: Connect with Stripe to take payments through your Co-Kinetic pages
How to: Connect with Stripe to take payments through your Co-Kinetic pages
Here's how to set up an account with the widely used Stripe payment processing platform
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We integrate with Stripe (you can read why below)

If you don't already have an account with the payment processing platform Stripe it's very easy to set one up. You can find Stripe's guidance here with a video tutorial.

Connecting a Stripe Account to Co-Kinetic

  1. In Co-Kinetic you need to go to the Integrations section and click on the Analytics and Integrations tab.

  2. Then log into Stripe, and get your Publishable and Secret keys from your Stripe account enter copy and paste them into their respective boxes in Co-Kinetic. You can find your Stripe keys here once you've created a Stripe.

  3. Step 1: Copy the Publishable key from Stripe and paste it into the Publishable Key box in the Integrations section on Co-Kinetic

  4. Step 2: If a Secret Key isn't showing in Stripe, then click the + Create Secret Key button in Stripe and then click on text saying Reveal live key, and copy that key and paste it into the second field in Co-Kinetic - it should start with sk_live

  5. Lastly choose the correct payment currency from the dropdown menu

Important Notes:

  1. These keys are unique to you

  2. The publishable and secret keys are different to each other

  3. The Publishable key must start with pk_live and the Secret Key with sk_live

  4. You should definitely copy and paste these keys rather than try and type them in manually (to avoid errors)

This is what it looks like in Stripe

Once you've done this you will then be able to select single or recurring payments as a call to action, using any of our editable web pages.

Why did we choose to Integrate with Stripe?

We have been using to process payments made on the Co-Kinetic site since 2014 so we have first-hand and a very positive experience of using it. In addition:

  • The fee structure is at the time of writing is the fairest fee structure of any of the major payment processors currently available including there being no monthly subscription charge

  • It is one of the most widely used payment platforms in the world

  • It has an excellent reputation for reliability and security

  • it is available in most countries and specifically the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US and Canada (ie. the places most of my subscribers live).

  • The payments go straight into the bank account you specify, and quickly ie. within a week (if not quicker) - we don't get involved

  • It's easy to issue refunds if required.

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