START HERE: Follow this 6-Step process for running online webinars on Co-Kinetic

This is the main step-by-step document you need to work from to set up and run online presentations through Co-Kinetic

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Note: The Powerpoint presentations, promotional artwork and web sign-up pages are only available under a Clinic Growth subscription.

Step 1: Are you planning to charge your event attendees?

If so, you need to set up a Stripe payment processing account (if you don't already have one) and link it to Co-Kinetic. Help post here.

Step 2: Decide which presentation you are going to record yourself delivering. 

You can find them under the Education-Based Events section on your main content page here.

Step 3: Record yourself delivering the presentation so that you end up with a video format file like an mp4


Step 5: Set up your webinar sign up page and webinar delivery pages

This is as easy as filling in a form and you can do this in the main Campaigns area of the Co-Kinetic website. You will find a number of different pages which are explained in this overview video (so watch this first if you haven't already).

Step 6: Lastly, let people know about your new webinar

  • Send an email out to your newsletter list - remember to emphasise how people will benefit from your webinar (if you're using the Co-Kinetic PowerPoints and corresponding landing pages, you can use a selection of the text on the sign up page if you'd like to)

  • Tell your social media followers - again if you're using our off-the-shelf PowerPoint presentations, I've given you a couple of social media posts you can use to promote your event, which link to your sign up page.

  • Set up an event on Facebook to promote it

  • Utilise paid advertising like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords

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