How to: Edit your video presentation and upload it to Vimeo

If you'd like to use Vimeo to host your online presentations that you can then make available for free or for a fee follow this help post

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Important note before you start: If you plan to use Vimeo to host your online presentation you will need a paid plan to be able to hide the video from free public view which is particularly important if you plan to charge for it. YouTube will let you do this for free. You can find the help post for YouTube here.

Once you've recorded your online presentation you'll either be:

a) happy with the results and ready to upload your file

b) feel that it would benefit from some video-editing.

If the case is (a) then crack on and skip to the video below. If the case is (b) this is what I'd recommend you do:

  • Watch your video all the way through and in a Word document, make a bulleted list of each edit you want to happen and the exact minutes and seconds point it occurs at.  Then describe exactly what you want changed. The more detail the better.

  • Remember a video editor can't add voice in, they can only cut things out, so if you want to add additional voice parts in then you'll need to record each one as an individual audio file (you can even use your mobile to do this) and provide your video editor with those extra files labelled so they know where each file needs inserting.

  • If you don't feel up to the task of the video editing yourself, do you know someone who could do that for you (the kids are great at this stuff)?  If not, don't worry - the freelance site is brilliant for this kind of thing. Just search for video editors with good reviews, who meet your price range.

Once you have your final file, here's how you upload it to Vimeo. The resulting private video URL is what you paste in the relevant Webinar Delivery field in the Co-Kinetic landing page tab. 

This video explains how.

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